August Favourites


September. Really let that sink in! Summer isn’t officially over, obviously, nonetheless, just letting that month’s name melt in your mouth does give nice autumnal vibes, don’t you think? It’s the best season after all. In my humble opinion. No more excessive sweating which makes every anyd any make up feel like a burden on the skin, dark lips and nails are back on trend and you won’t draw anyone’s attention anymore if you’re just naturally pale at any time of the year. 

But I am getting ahead of myself, these favourites were part of my routine during some of the hottest days afterall. 

Make Up, no matter how light the concistency, is just one thing too much if it’s a sweltering 32°C outside.

I don’t think it comes as a surprise my make up during summer was extra lightweight – double meaning and everything. Products like Colourpop seem to be working especially well. Highlighter Butterfly Beach and the eyeshadow in the shade Weenie are simply so…simple! And the shimmer…! 

It came to a surprise – probably to myself the most – how much I liked the new Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. The very liquid concistency actually gives decent coverage without being heavy on the skin. The longevity was quite nice even on the warmer days, all in all an ideal candidate for another round of foundation Friday. 

But –  and it’s an important but – the ligthest shade Light Beige (ha) oxidises quite heavily and I honestly only had these good experiences because I lightened it up for every application. I am using The One Foundation by Make Up Revolution in Shade 1, so pure white, which is basically of the same liquid texture. Mixing this into the foundation makes the shade just about perfect for my complexion: 

I obviously been wearing the Colourpop Highlighter on top of the foundation and mostly neutral, matte blushes – blush of choice in August has been Make up Revolution in “Nude”, a very fitting name. I have to say, however, the wear time of this blush varies greatly with whichever foundation you are applying underneath, Catrice made it go all the way through until evening. 

My pop of colour was this “matte gloss” by Douglas: Mattisim in Never Forget Smile. So, actually just your ordinary-popular matte liquid lipstick. Natural light will show its true, darker, berry shade (I tried, I tried!), hence super, but even better than the shade itself turned out to be the wear and feel on the lips ! Way better than the hyped NYX Lingerie lipsticks

Even though I know designated “eye cream” is not really a necessary step in skincare, I do love this extra dash of moisturiser – I just go with my feeling of not having too many eye creases for my age just yet. Plus I love the extra soothing care, especially regarding one of the fail products in the past weeks. The one eye cream that helped me lots has been Burt’s Bees Radiance  Eye Cream. Sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a soft, smooth feeling without feeling oily or heavy.n. 

Another product in the category of “not heavy or oily”: Eucerin Gele Creme mit SPF 50. Amazing as Primer underneath make up, as it dries matte and almost powder. And_ Very handy pump! Daily SPF has become so much easier.


Well well, don’t gasp now please! Yes, I put Bioderma, THE Bioderma,  solution micellaire de la première génération in my fail products. Don’t get me wrong, the actual cleansing is lovely, it rids the skin of everyday dirt as well as make up, doesn’t have too many problems with mascara…but, sadly, even though it’s clearly labelled for sensitive skin, I always get a feeling of dryness, irritation, redness around the eyes whenever I use it (I do not rub harschly, obviously). When I first noticed this reaction I thought I was just tired, but nope, I don’t get reactions like this with ordinary micellar waters without alcohol like Balea’s. Very bizarre how I react to such a popular prduct, especially since I barely have bad reactions to products. 

The Benefit POREfessional License to Blot Stick is pure gimmick. Used as a primer to blurr pores underneath foundation it’s alright, on top, as the product description suggests, to mattify etc…I wouldn’t recommend it. The stick is simply too hard for that, foundation moves around. Definitely not what anyone would want! Good idea, bad execution…maybe I am just not good at handling it. 



Is summer over with the end of Augsut? What do you change with the seasons? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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