Colour Correcting Powder Comparison: MUA & alverde


I feel that next to Contouring and Eyebrows Colour Correcting products is probably the “next thing” to take the community by storm – especially the cheaper highstreet brands seem to be jumping the bandwagon at the moment. Since there are plenty of concealer(palettes) in various colour correcting shades such as Peach, Banana or Green, but they are now popping up in powder form as well.

Colour Correcting:

Cancelling out certain (under)tones in the skin using the opposite colour of the spectrum, e.g. green concealers to combat redness, peach/salmon/pink to cancel out dull, dark patches (undereye area) in most skintones etc. It helps to memorise a basic colour wheel.

Two of these powders I recently added to my collection, one by MUA, the other from alverde, a German natural cosmetics brand:

A baked, silk touch colour correcting powder from MUA that transforms your complexion. Apply this powder to help even out skin tone and illuminate. Wear alone or over your makeup to instantly brighten!

Wirkt farbausgleichend und zaubert einen frischen und harmonischen Teint. Mit der grünen Nuance können Rötungen neutralisiert, mit der gelben Farbe Äderchen und Augenringe kaschiert und mit dem lila Puder Pigmentflecken, Sommersprossen und Unregelmäßigkeiten der Haut ausgeglichen werden.


Right of the bat I need to state one thing: Powder products can most likely never actually be an alternative to concealers or other cream products regarding effects. They simply cannot provide a similarly good/opaque effect, too much powder would just result in a very cakey finish, no matter how finely milled a powder is.

Both these powders claim great things, advertise with “base” or “correction” in their names, but behold: Don’t expect too much from just using powder, you’ll only be disappointed!

However, using them as Finishing Powders I must say they are great! Since all the parts in the powder are fairly large you can definitely just pick up one shade. Why, you might wonder, since the effects of the coloured powders are not that strong? Personally, I like to use the yellow and peach shades to set my concealer under the eyes using a smaller brush. It is just my – admittedly subjective – opinion that any eyebags seem to be brightened up nicely.

As you can tell from the swatches further down all colours mixed result in a light shades that could be used as subtle highlighters as well since both powders contain satin shimmer due to the baked texture.

Unlike the MUA powder alverde looks much bigger. 11 grams of product weight is a large amount for a powder product and since you “only” get three shades, all of the colours are big enough to be picked up on their own as well.

The baked powder is fairly fine, in comparison, however, much more waxy and not as smoothly applying on the skin than MUA. It is much more pigmented though and if you were okay with layering product you can definitely achieve a more distinct effect with this powder. The mixed shade is greener but barely noticeable on the skin if used sparingly. 

The yellow colour works great under the eyes as well, perhaps even better than MUA since more pigmented, all in all I find this powder a bit too waxy to use it as a finishing powder on a daily basis.

This powder was the reason behind this post, actually: My Rimmel powder in “Transparent” is barely a leftover ring anymore, therefore, I treated myself to a new powder. While swatching several brands the MUA colour correcting powder caught my eye. Even though I wasn’t even interested in the whole “correction” deal about it, the finely milled product with satin finish impressed me: The powder melts into the skin, smoothing out pores and lines.

Porcelain doll skin, here I come!

It is not as pigmented as the alverde powder, but the feeling on the skin is much better, “lighter”. There even is a fourth shade, a peach tone, in it and swirling all together results in a very pretty light-beige which works incredibly well as finishing touch but also as a subtle highlight! You only get a measly 4 grams, though (even though the bulky packaging suggests at least the same amount you get with alverde!) but I am quite impressed indeed. I like how big the yellow and peach corners are, ideal for concealer setting. 

MUA vs. alverde; below: mixed

Since both powders are baked products the packaging is rather bulky, even more prominent in MUA as it has less than half of the product amount, price-wise alverde would be the way to go. Regarding results and the feel of the product I would definitely recommend giving MUA a go, I like the “non powdery” finish.

How do you “colour correct”? Foundation plus concealer and that’s that or are you trying colour correcting concealers, like salmon shades or maybe even powders like the hyped Banana Powder? Share your tips in the comments! ?

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