KIKO Rebel Romantic


Limited Edition: Overview and Swatches

KIKO Rebel Romantic

I cannot explain, why KIKO Collections still hold this “special” place in my mind. 

Because there still are only ever so few stores? Because they are still a wee bit more expensive than the average high street limited edition? Because they actually offer some pretty products? 

It’s most likely a combination of all of those things. The latest drop from the KIKO headquarters, “Rebel Romantic” is no different. It’s very pleasing on the eye and the fact that you get an elegant packaging for just a small amount of your hard earned cash makes the products extra charming.

The sometimes rather cheesy promotional texts aside, most products are worth looking at. I rarely purchase that many products from a collection for full price (!).

Yes, even though I am full aware of the fact that these Chubby Stick packagings are dangerously close to being a rip off product amount-wise, I was too interested after swatching in store. I purchased the darker shades since I wll always prefer to blend blend blend a product than buy a lighter, yet way more orange one. Shade 01 is cooler than shade 02. The highlighter is identical in both sets, I believe. And it’s a good one! Very subtle, no chunky glitter in sight. Due to the – admittedly unusal at first – stick form of these creme products you can work super precise, with both contour as well as highlighting: Since the highlighter part is so subtle you can use it for the inner corner of the eye, cupid’s bow or nose bridge. I must admit I regretted buying these tiny 4-5cm long products for that money, but in the mean time it grew on me. Don’t let the swatches below fool you, the contour can be blended well: Whether with your fingers, a sponge or a synthetic-fibre brush.

I have been raving about the lipsticks of this collection on Instagram  icon-angle-double-right : Right off the bat – I have nothing to complain about here. There are 6 colours available and deciding on one was hard enough. I chose Mild Sangria, a fantastically bright pink-red which is perfect for this time of the year. The texture of these lipsticks are wonderfully creamy and pigmented, but wonderfully light on the lips. The best part: Even when it wears off, there is a stain on the lips. I like this fact but other might find it bothering.

I also like the metallic rose gold packaging with magnetic closure – it shuts tightly. The lipsticks does not have any chemical odour either, so I consider it a great purchase.

Regarding the eyeshadows I honestly expected creamy  or moussy texture, but it is “ordinary” powder, comparable to pressed pigments which should provide the “creamy” consisteny. Absolutely Rose attracted me most colourwise, especially in combination with the Kjal Warrior Violet. I was a tad disappointed using it in my first look as I expected more intensity. Layering worked fine but I sort of wanted “more”, more metallic shimmer, more brightness. Using it wet works best, but it will leave layer hardening on the powder when drying…you know the jazz.

I am not sure if I would still purchase this eyeshadow today.

Swatching the kajal in the shade Warrior Violet in store made me buy it – the longevity is great but also creamy. At home, however, I was taken aback when the tip broke off right away. Did I buy an already dried up pencil?

Putting it to use in a look worked fine, surprisingly, it was pigmented and very longlasting on the waterline. If you look closely at the picture you can see how the tip wasn’t smooth to begin with. My tip: Check ot the tip before handing over the cash. The pencil itself is great and the purple-berry colour is quite extraordinary.

It’s a beautiful collection with many products that a worth a second glance! I am quite content with my shop, I can definitely recommend getting one or three of the lipsticks, as well as the Contour Set if you are into contouring and want to try a handy new product. I have only been interesting in the contour at first but the highlighter has since made a great addition to my collection.

I was sort of undecided about the Bouncy Blushes, as the creamy-firm texture feels great swatching, but the colours didn’t appeal to me too much in the end. Similar to the eyeshadow quads – pretty, buttery, but swatched the colours all appeared to blend into each other. I also definitely recommend swatching the Metallic Eyeshadows before deciding to buy.

If I hadn’t listened to my conscience (and budget) kicking it, I probably would’ve walked out with the brush as well. And/or the bronzer…


How do you like it, ths Rebel Romantic Limited Edition? Have you discovered it in store yet and possibly bought some? Or are you being good and will wait for the sale?

icon-info-circle Save up to 70% in sale until August 31!

Promo pictures © KIKO Cosmetics

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