Make Up Revolution Iconic 3


As I mentioned previously in my post about my order at Make Up Revolution I didn’t want to let these tons of swatch pictures of the Iconic 3 palette just rot away on my hard drive.

So, today I basically only have pictures for you. I probably could write a proper poem about the palette here but nobody would read as there’s thrilling footy to be watched eh!

The Iconic 3 is most obviously a very affordable dupe to the most hyped Urban Decay NAKED 3 eyeshadow palette: Just why did nobody ever think of a neutral palette with rosy hues before?

The shades in the palette are quite similar to the original indeed, even the arrangement is close to the Urban Decay order in this one. The palette itself is a bit larger and wider than your standard Sleek i-divine, for reference. It contains 12 eyeshadows as well though, three of which are matte in the Iconic 3 as well as the NAKED 3.

Sadly, barely any of the affordable palettes name their single eyeshadows, so there are none in this one either. If you were to be cheeky, I would say just use the UD ones when talking about single colours since they just look so similar after all.

Personally, I was positively surprised at how smooth and soft the usually harder to work with matte shades are! The two mauves are just truly amazing when it comes to shading or blending in the crease, not even just for rosy toned make ups.

The second colour in the palette is already quite rosy and probably the only one with actual glitter, but it is the third shade which has become one of my favourites: A mutet rosegold. Which just always works.

The biggest surprise of the palette for me was the “grey” of the palette: Usually I just can’t make silvery greys work for me, the just don’t go with my eye colour or skin tone. Resulting in them being quite neglected in most of my palettes. Since I had ignored it during my first tries with the palette as well (ahem), swatching the palette for these posts really opened my eyes: This grey is actually a gr-auve! A wonderful mix of grey and mauve which doesn’t resemble the silvery-cool greys whatsoever. This mauve-y undertone is what it makes it so special, the grey looks softer, just ideal for the outer V or crease, since it isn’t that shimmery either. Great!

I also really love the black with rosy-burgundy shimmer, quite a nobrainer, really! The neutral brown/taupe shades come handy as well – you can even create a fully neutral look without using any of the rosy eyeshadows.

Well well, on to the swatches at last, prepare for a wall of pics!

Die Inhaltsstoffe der Palette sind nichts Außergewöhnliches, ich habe darauf keinerlei Reaktionen gezeigt:

Noch zwei kurze Beispiel Looks mit der Palette, wobei ich bei ersterem noch den roten Lidschatten Bang Bang aus der Zoeva Rodeo Belle verwendet habe:

At a £4 pricepoint for  14g of product, made in China, this seems to work out quite the bargain. Especially comparing to the original Naked palettes which contain about 15.6g for $50+.

I find the eyeshadows quite easy to work with especially when you tap off the excess product and use an eyeshadow primer. Both of this things have become natural for me so I can’t really tell you if it’s a disadvantage or not. I have heard that the UD shadows are so rich that they require tapping off as well. So, for me this dupe meets my needs just fine, and really – once applied, can anyone really tell the difference, when the shades are so similar? What do you think?

For next week I planned to post a roundup, comparing the dupes to the originals. What do you think of Make Up Revolution so far? Worth a try or do you trust the originals more?

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