Sleek Make Up i-divine Palette Goodnight Sweetheart


It’s that time of the year again. Collection here, there everywhere!

And the jolly-tranquile word “Christmas” always resonates within every self-declared autumn collection.

So, Sleek Make Up is increasing their Limited Edition releases as well as soon as September approaches. I did inform you about their latest creations on my facebook page a while ago and without further convincing I went and got caught up in consumerism myself. 

At first I came home with On The Horizon, later topped it up with Goodnight Sweetheart (meaning I visited about four stores). It was more difficult to find an untouched palette since On The Horizon is Superdrug-exclusive, Goodnight Sweetheart Boots-exclusive this time. I see what you did there, Sleek!

Using the poll function (I just like polls alright) I learned that you guys basically just wanted to see the Goodnight Sweetheart palette and fast. Hence, this post! 

Lose yourself in sumptuous romantic evenings; embrace the cosy warmth of dinner by candlelight and seductive nights by the fire. Create alluring looks with warm, rich shades including smouldering dusky rose, deep plum and iridescent shimmers.


I feel “romantic” is exactly the word to describe this palette. 

Plum, berry, rose and lavendar…all married in one palette. Shades that very much agree with my preferences. Snuggle, the one shade apparently sticking out, matches up perfectly when swatched due to the duochrome effect. 

If you’re looking at the palette, it’s obviously an overall warm/rose toned palette. Or is it? Some of the eyeshadows actually have more of cool undertone on closer inspection. A good example is the very first shadows Seduction, a midtone, shimmery taupe infused with some sparkle. More on the cool side seems to be Hold me tight, a matte, rich brown as well as Sleeping Beauty, a taupe with subtle shimmer. The first eyeshadow, however, that would have made me buy it no matter what, was Love is in the Air. What a mauve! Absolutely awesome on its own or combination with cold or warm tones! 

The most special, eyecatching shadows are the duochromes Snuggle and Lingerie. Pale gold with pink shimmer and brue-brown shadow like Snuggle has made an appearance in just about every brands’ line but still looks great, especially when it’s such great Sleek-quality. 

  FYI: I always use a wet towelette to clean my swatching brush in between shadows, applying the shadow on the skin in about 2-4 layers, as you would on the lid. 

Sleek i-divine palette Goodnight Sweetheart comparison to Oh So Special

I am not sure if I am completely alone with this but when I first laid eyes on the Sleek Make Up i-divine Palette Goodnight Sweetheart it did remind me of the then very impressive Oh So Special Palette – which made it into the product range later on due to unstoppable popularity. Pink, neutral shadows…looking at the palettes next to each other they don’t look that alike at all anymore. It’s quite surprising actually, how vibrant the pinks in Oh So Special look. 


What a beauty. Yes, I know. I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I have to admit barely any of the Sleek i-divines turn me off completely – and if it happens (rare occasion) I don’t even buy them (yes, no real collector anymore, am I…) The Goodnight Sweetheart can be used on its own but I do think a few more light or matte shades could’ve improved it even more. The colours are great for everyday use as just about every shadow can be used on its own. 

  For collectors and lovers of well pigmented allround eyeshadows in various finishes and blendability. 

  For colourful make up artists who are looking for “complete” palettes with shadows from light to dark. 

How do you like the look of this Sleek Make Up i-divine palette Goodnight Sweetheart?

Check out my overview post to get an overview of all the palettes.

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