Stila In The Moment Palette …worth it?


This palette has been sold in the US for $39 and you can still find it for around £25 in the UK.

I have to say right away: While the lilac cardboard design possibly can be considered as “cute”, they the really could have spared their adult customers the hearts around the brand name on the front and the fairly kitschy quote inside. The colours indicate the theme of the eyeshadows inside, however, all of these design elements thrown together make the palette appear cheap, almost childlike. Maybe I am harsh but regarding visual appeal I prefer simple, black palettes like Sleek. Palettes made of cardboard can look more elegant as well, as shown by Zoeva for example.

I am too honest to hide my slight disappointment: Seeing the brand name I expected more! Stila eyeshadow palettes usually get good reviews, especially their gift sets around Christmas time, so I couldn’t turn a blind eye in front of such a bargain. The combination of lilac-y and neutral spoke to me since those shades are basically my favourites to work with. All ten eyeshadows in the In The Moment palette are pigmented and swatch like a dream. Sadly, they only threw in one matte shadow; Desire is a fair rose shade, which is great for blending.

The top row is made up of harmonising lilac shadows, from a frosty white down to a glitter shade on a blackened base. The bottom row contains more neutral tones, Wonder is a nice all-over shadow – my favourite of the palette is “Captive” though, a Mauve-Taupe with a hint of glitter in gold and pink, hard to describe, gorgeous anyway! Great for a wash of colour, quick smokey-eye as well.

My biggest issue with this palette: While all of the lighter colours blend nicely, the two darker purpler shadows with interesting glitter and all, are indistinguishable once on the lid. They blend into a uniform mush and leave a hazy darkness. Even Glance can be blended into oblivion on the “wrong” eyeshadow base; I achieved my best results on standard, fairly sticky bases. Using a cream eyeshadow or coloured eyeshadow stick and you are left with a blotchy mess. Had I bought this palette for its original price tag I would’ve been very disappointed indeed!

  • magnetic cardboard
  • no mirror
  • 10 eyeshadows à 1,4g
  • 1 smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in “tetra” 0.28g
    (nur in der Palette erhältlich)
  • 1x matte • 6x shimmer • 3x glitter

erhältlich bei:

I have been reading how many people recommend looking out for an offer on this palette if you are looking for the popular Smudge Stick “Tetra”, since it’s not available anymore. The Smudge Sticks cost £13 on their own and I must say Tetra is gorgeous: A greyish purple with pink and lilac glitter which can be smoked out as well (not recommendable in the waterline), it sets waterproof as well. 

I have been using the palette for a while now and I stand by it: Great single eyeshadows, in combination with other shadows definitely better than within the palette. The ones that do blend well last great on the eyes, without creasing or fading though.

Here I’ve applied Desire and a neutral, matte brown (essence) in the crease, shading the crease more with Captivate and Improvise. Sadly, Improvise’s purple faded and even the glitter got lost. On the lid I used the beautiful hue of gold Spontaneous. To use the bright, blueish Glance as well, I smoked out the lower lid (using a waterproof kajal by artdeco in the waterline) which pulled the very neutral look together, looking glam and polished. Mascara, falsies, eyeliner, done.

Had I bought this palette for its original price after carfeful consideration etc, I would be annoyed now. The single eyeshadows seem great, pigmented, gorgeous colours – the darker shadows blend monotonous on the lid and barely show their glitter. They fare better in combination with other eyeshadows than just within the palette. Okay for  £10 to add to the ever-growing-collection, definitely not for £25.

Do you like to bargain hunt (cough TKMaxx)? Which mega deals could you snatch up in the past? Do you have Stila products, possibly “Kitten”? What’s this brand about for you? Does it stand a compariston to Urban Decay – Naked palettes etc?

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