Sultry Thursday #27 – Sleek Oh So Special


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Incredible enough, this Sultry Thursday started last year! Well, I gave you and myself more time, I knew holiday season is busy as it is.

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Sleek Oh So Special Palette

If you don’t have it yet: amazon has it for cheap now.

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Your Creations

Beauty and Mooore Lilo von LBB Twisted Heart Pinks and Purples Madleng Talasia Lenas Sofa Liz MiniMe Liz MiniMe Liz MiniMe YoursSabrina Gabi // dunkelbunt divna’s world Einfach Ina

 and me

Due to Christmas, new year’s, no time, I moved this time’s Sultry Thursday right to the end of January to even get a change to participate myself…

My interpretationis purposely free of the lovely duochrome rosegold – well, almost – normally I couldn’t hold myself back. For this look I used the matte Wrapped Up on dark eyeliner along the lashline and the rather neglected Celebrate on the lid. In the inner corner I used Organza to lighten it up a tad and obviously I couldn’t withstand Gateau’s seducing powers and used it as a highlight. Second time round of me not using a “real” eyeliner!

Sultry Thursday is a blog series I came up with in 2012. Join in! It’s super easy:

  • Create a look for me and this blog series: The only guideline are the shadows and finishes of the palette. It is completely up to you if you wanted to use falsies, crystals etc.
  1. Publish a post (does NOT have to be on a Thursday!) with at least one large picture – my images are always formatted either 720px wide or high.
  2. Link up this post so other interested people can read up on how to participate. You can always use the banner.
  3. Don’t forget to note down your used products, so readers can go back and recreate your looks.
  4. Send in your picture with your link to [email protected] – please make sure to mention how you would like to be called (Blogname, online alias, etc). Non-bloggers are cordially invited to take part as well, just send in you picture+name!
  5. If you want to you can always send in various looks on the same palette! 
  • Deadline is Thursday, February 26th 2015, when I will publish the gallery so everyone can see your creativity

The next palette I chose because of the brighter colours. I am sure we’ve all had quite enough of dull, dark winter weather eh  ?

 icon-arrow-circle-o-right  As always: Use the palette or dupes, neutral blending shades are always allowed to use.

Zoeva Rodeo Belle

Available on

And now I am excitedly awaiting your colourful creations!

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