Zoeva Rose Golden Palette


Zoeva Rose Golden Palette

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Zoeva apparently doesn’t stop! A couple of new products will be available in the store next week. And not just any.

Whoever wants to jump to swatches of the palette right away can click here.

Next to the palette there will also be new rose gold brush sets, a brush holder and a bangle (!). Click the titles for pics and all the juicy details:


We dream in powder nude and rose gold. The Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection revives every sleeping beauty. Treat yourself like a princess with the new Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection and live your modern fairy tale with ZOEVA’s new gems. We celebrate the woman awakening the girl in her she has never lost but sometimes forgotten about. She is her own well-kept secret but above all, she is a woman in the purest form.

Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set Contains 12 brushes: 142, 221, 227, 228, 230, 231, 232, 235, 238, 310, 322, 325 + Brush Clutch Small Rose Golden • €65

Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury Set Contains 8 brushes: 104, 109, 126, 226, 228, 234, 317, 322 + Brush Clutch Large Rose Golden • €65

They just look gorgeous! Personally, I try to not buy any more brushes – ahem – but the face set looks great, I could use a new buffer and some of the brushes there I don’t even own yet …shh.


The ZOEVA Brush Holder is a custom brush holder for our Rose Golden brushes. Decorated with the precious key symbol, which runs through the entire Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection, it is a jewel on every makeup table.

The Brush Holder is also available as a set with the Rose Golden Vol. 2 Collection: Brush Holder Rose Golden + Rose Golden Vol. 2 Luxury Set • € 70 Brush Holder Rose Golden + Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set • € 70 | € 8,50 • measurements: 10,6 x 10,3 x 6,2 cm

Ha! I knew it! I knew Zoeva would release the wonderful acryl brush holder as part of their range


The ZOE BANGLE is our first ZOEVA jewelry item.

The rose golden bangle signifies modern femininity. Beautified with the ZOEVA symbol, it embodies the essence of soft elegance. It shows the world who you are – a unique character with a

passion for aesthetics and a beautiful, simple design.

This is exactly what makes it an all time favorite and timeless treasure.

Made of brass and enamel, nickel – free Measurements : width 2 cm – diameter 7 cm • €38

A whole new product category for Zoeva – what do you think about it? Would you buy “Zoeva jewellery”?

I guess I am repeating myself saying that one should keep a watchful eye on Zoeva! Loads of new products and brush improvements and now another (palette) creation of their own. My third palette by Zoeva is the Rose Golden Palette (read my reviews on the Zoeva Rodeo Belle [don’t forget about the Sultry Thursday! ] and the Zoeva Smoky Palette here) – a palette in beautiful design with lovely details, all rose gold details are engraved and shiny. As always, the palette is long and slim, made of cardboard with magnetic closure (no mirror, no applicators).

I just find the tiny detail of the “RG” initials forming the key bit charming, it’s so subtle, I didn’t even notice it at first! 

Back to the palette though: As all the previous palettes, it also contains 10 eyeshadows à 1.5g, with a 17,50€ pricetag.

The wonderful rose golden details don’t stop on the outside though, the eyeshadow names are quite romantic and appropriately picked.

All shadows are quite warm toned, and just Luster, Harmony und Wonder Full are matte, Foil is the only shade that contains tiny glitter.

And because they’re so pretty, again: Just A Rose and Golden Rule are bot duochrome eyeshadows – first with a pink base, the second one with more old gold/greenish tones beneath gold shimmer.


But I obviously know you all just want to see swatches now. I swatched without base but with wet wipe dampened brush, as usual.

Wonderful results!

All eyeshadows show great pigmentation, buttery smooth – the metallic ones are even better. I especially like the warmish undertone in the Grey of Harmony – reddisch, violet? – great for blending in the crease. A matte dark brown instead of a black is a great choice in a warm palette like this. All tones show rather red-pinkish undertones, so whoever shies away from these be warned Reflective Elegance or Shining Bright are the best “wash-of-colour”-shadows – and they work perfectly for that! I assume I don’t have to talk about the two Duochromes anymore; I just love such eyeshadows, you can adjust the intensity on the lid however you like and achieve different results.

Make Up

I used Copper is King both inside and outside of the lid, and shaded the outer v with Wonder Full. I used Luster to blend the edges and put a tiny bit of Just a Rose in the centre of the lid before applying eyeliner – very simple but multidimensional.


And finally, the ingredients off the back of the palette, as I am usually annoyed when I can’t find these product informations on things myself 

Soo, how do you like the looks of the new products? What do you like best? Which palette or products (hello, jewellery?!) would you like to see from Zoeva in the future?

All products will be available from Monday, February 23, 2015 on | in Kürze auch bei Douglas

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