New: Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks…and more.


The ZOEVA LUXE CREAM LIPSTICK is a long-wearing creamy lipstick, full of luxury and pigmentation that guarantees comfort from the very first application. Enriched with ivy, mallow and elderflower, this vegan formula provides an instant moisturizing action for your lips.

Bring out the woman in you! Nourishing and creamy, this buildable lipstick is caring and highly pigmented at the same time. All six shades burst with color from classy nude to ladylike cool red.



After releasing new Luxe Color Blushes, Lip Crayons and the very popular Story Eyeshadow Palettes Zoeva now come out with something new again in their own cosmetics line:

The range covers six shades of creamy lipsticks which got released on August 4th. For 8.50€ you get the usual 3.8g of product in a very elegant metal bullet with magnetic closure. The packaging is rather well designed and beautifully sleek.

I have received two of the six colours available, 01 Easy Spirit and 03 Melting Kisses. Regarding the shade descriptions on the press pictures above I would say they are partly accurate. Easy Spirit is more of a Beige-Peach to me, Melting Kisses also shows quite a bit of Coral in its Pink.

With the new lipstick there also is a new Lip Contour Brush for travelling. Yet again: Very elegant packaging, the cut of the bristles is sharp. I must admit I had reservations concerning the shape but as it turns out the flat yet sharp edges of the hairs are very handy.

Their creamy texture works great in application. They remind me faintly of the Lip Crayons, which have been in the product range for a while. The swatches below show one layer of lipstick, as well as on the lips, just blended with the lip brush. The Luxe Cream Lipsticks are pigmented enough to be opaque with just one layer of product.

Actually, I would not advise applying more than one layer since it easily could get streaky and just sticky/heavy on the lips. While Melting Kisses is a pretty pink-peach shade for summer, Easy Spirit appears to just not be my cup of tea. The colour does not go well with my complextion and the application was not as smooth as with Melting Kisses either: Buttery but slightly melting into creases. I would assume it looks better on more tanned skin types.

After blotting Melting Kisses lasted me well, it only becomes kiss-proof after a few hours though.

Another addition to the product range is a double-sided pocket mirror with a handy magnifying side. The design is again sleek, slim and elegant in black. The clasp shuts nicely, the hinge seems to be sturdy for now.

How do you like the shades of the Luxe Cream Lipstick range? Do you even use lip brushes?

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